Roofing Installation & Repair in Apache Junction, AZ


Polyurethane Foam Roof Installation/Repair

Lightweight, energy efficient and flexible polyurethane foam is an optimal choice for your roofing needs. With its amazing ability to flex polyurethane foam can virtually be used on any surface and is seamless (Source of most leaks) covering the entire roof
Building roof and wall with Styrofoam Sheet Insulation — Roofing Services in Apache Junction, AZ

Shingle Roof Installation/Repair

Shingle roofs are cost effective and give homeowners more room to work with when on budget. Efficient roofing Company installs and repairs shingle roofs across the valley, leaving lasting impressions or hard work and craftsmanship in every roof.
Shingle Roof — Roofing Services in Apache Junction, AZ

Metal Roof Installation/Repair

Replacing your current roof with a new metal roof system can mean long-term savings for you. Not only are metal roofs fire proof, energy efficient, and extremely durable they are eye appealing with many variations of styles including, standing seam, corrugated and even stone coated with a wide variety of colors.
House exterior — Roofing Services in Apache Junction, AZ

Roof Repair

When severe weather approaches make sure your roof has you covered. Efficient Roofing will make sure your roof is durable enough for the worst Arizona weather.
Worker on roof with electric drill — Roofing Services in Apache Junction, AZ